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DuraTech Tooling Material:


When Adolf was looking for tooling material to manufacture his pouring and filtering products, he wanted to find a polyurethane plastic that had the integrity and quality to stand behind his name, and one that would out perform any tooling material available to the foundry industry. Adolf discovered these qualities in DuraTech and he realized that this lightweight, cost-effective tooling material has the potential to become an alternative to steel and cast iron tooling.

LOGO: DURATECHOur DuraTech Tooling Material is an orange colored, lightweight polyurethane plastic designed for high production runs. It is known in the foundry industry for its exceptional mold releasing properties, optimal wear resistance, and its extraordinary strength and durability. Adolf’s standard is D-70. However, DuraTech’s hardness ranges from A-20 to D-70 durometer. This amazing tooling material is also available in custom blocks, rods, tubing, and sheets from .125 of an inch to 2 inches in thickness.

The amazing thing about our DuraTech Tooling Material is that it can be glued together or onto any clean surface. It is the ideal material for building multiple patterns, core boxes, sprues, and gating systems. It can also be used as a liner for core blower chambers and cones -- to greatly reduce buildup and dramatically reduce cleaning time.

In order to maintain its unique characteristics, DuraTech has specific requirements. DuraTech Tooling Material can only be poured into open molds that are made to resist high temperatures and are moisture free. These molds are then heated to 250° F, gravity poured, and cured for 24 hours. Please note that there is a 2% shrinkage factor, therefore, all molds need to be built accordingly.

DuraTech requires very little maintenance; just spray once a day with silicon spray in order to maintain its exceptional mold releasing properties. Your molders’ will be pleasantly surprised when they experience how sand molds seem to jump out of the molding boxes.

DuraTech Tooling Material is also a sustainable, resourceful material that reduces deforestation and minimalizes the carbon footprint on our environment.

For more information go to www.foundrysupply.com or call Ricardo at Adolf’s Pattern Shop Inc. 503.253.0602.



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