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Safety Solutions



Safety Solutions


Adolf’s Silent Adjustable Vibrator is a 3-phase, 60 hz., 3/4 horse power electrical motor that solidifies molds within 12 seconds. The motor, with an enclosed vibrating counter weights to ensure safety, is attached to a steel table 24" l  x 30" w x 27" h and can be mounted horizontally or vertically. The table capacity should not to exceed 1000 lbs.

It’s been said, that there is no such things as old mold-men in the foundry industry. So utilizing Adolf’s industrial silent adjustable vibrator, mold men will no longer have to lift heavy molding boxes or reach over large patterns to pack in sand in hard to reach places. With just a flip of a switch and 10-12 second interval, our Silent Adjustable Vibrator is a time efficient solution for producing sand molds, while helping prevent common lower back injuries. Larger table are available upon request. 

For more information, contact Ricardo Volkmann at Adolf’s Pattern Shop, Inc.



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