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Pouring and Filtering

Pouring Basins

Adolf’s Pouring & Filtering Basins are lightwieght molding boxes made out of DuraTech Tooling Material for effortless mold releasing properties and opitimal wear resistance against abrasive foundry chemicals and sand. These Pouring & Filtering Basins are used in no bake, greensand, and flaskless molding. They come in twelve different configurations to produce no-bake sand basins that utilize cermamic filters to create higher quality casting. Our Pouring & Filtering Basins can also be customized into mutiple cavity boxes to support your foundry’s needs.

Riser Rings

Adolf’s Riser Rings are lightwieght molding boxes made out of DuraTech for effortless mold releasing properties. Our Pouring Basins & Riser Rings will bring you years of worry-free service and help meet your foundry’s needs.

Filtering Basin for the Running System

Adolf’s Filtering Basins for the Running System is an alternative filtering method used in the vacuum molding and horizontal filtering processes. These filtering basins are available in eight sizes and come with singular and double filtering outlets. All filtering basins can be easily adapted to the running system and are secured with a wood screw.

For more information, contact Ricardo Volkmann at Adolf’s Pattern Shop, Inc.



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