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Mission Statement

“Doing it Right the First Time”

Our mission is to provide new lean manufacturing practices to

the foundry industry.

Adolf’s Foundry Solutions are products made with the highest

integrity, they are dependable, exteremly durable and very cost




Adolf started his pattern maker apprenticeship in Berlin, Germany

during 1949. Trained by German master craftsmen, Adolf excelled

as an apprentice and completed a four year apprenticeship program

in three years, allowing him to graduate at the top of his class with

honors. In Germany, at that time, it was mandatory practice for all

apprentices to spend six weeks working in a foundry doing piece work

on the molding line. These experiences gave Adolf unique insights in

visualizing and problem solving when building patterns.


Adolf immigrated to Toronto, Canada in 1959. He searched for work

within his trade as a journeyman pattern maker, but he was unable to

find consistant work there. Finding North America to be a land of

opportunity, Adolf then traveled West to British Columbia, Seattle,

and eventually he settled in Portland, Oregon.


Adolf obtained work as a patternmaker in Portland, Oregon at

Dependable Pattern Works. A year later he met his wife to be,

Leonor Larios, a young accountant from San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

They married in 1962 and had three children throughout the course

of six years.


Adolf and Leonor Volkmann decided to go independent and started

their own family operated business...Adolf’s Pattern Shop, Inc.


Adolf developed the Style


alignment inserts to eliminate

shift in the molding process, and started working on the tooling

for The Style


alignment inserts.


Adolf has engineered and developed 122 products to support the

foundry industry in North America and world wide. This year he

will celebrate his 80th Birthday...he still comes to work everyday.