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Filtering Pyramid Down Sprue

Adolf’s newest creation is a Filtering Pyramid Down Sprue. Now foundries can take advantage of utilizing a 55 mm square filter in their automated molding operations. This new Filtering Pyramid Down Sprue has a 3 1/8" square base which tapers to the total height of 2 1/4". It utilizes our ADP-358, 1 1/4" diameter, Automated Down Sprue Pin.

Both of our new Pyramid Down Sprues and Filtering Pyramid Down Sprue are made from DuraTech tooling material for outstanding wear resistance and exceptional mold releasing properties.

Adolf would never put his name on any products that could not stand up to the quality, craftsmanship, and integrity he demands.

For more information on Adolf’s Foundry Solutions or DuraTech tooling material contact Adolf’s Pattern Shop at 503.253.0602 or email ricardo@foundrysupply.com.



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