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Cope & Drag Alignment Inserts

Style "A" Cope & Drag Alignment Inserts
Alignment Insert

Adolf’s Style "A" Cope & Drag Alignment Inserts consist of a cope and a drag half. These inserts are mounted on match-boards, one above the other, or separated on cope and drag boards and molding boxes. Style "A" Inserts are available in four sizes, with three different depths, and are made out of A.B.S. plastic. Adolf’s Cope & Drag Alignment Inserts will create a perfect match for all of your alignment needs.

Style "B" Cope & Drag Alignment Inserts

Adolf’s Style "B" Cope & Drag Alignment Inserts are specifically designed for match-plates, matchboards and automated molding machines. Both halves telescope and inter-lock at the parting through a diameter on match plates and match boards of various thickness. These alignment inserts create the deepest match buttons possible, and can be mounted from either side of the cope and drag. Adolf has specifically designed our Grey Zero Tolerance Alignment Inserts, to be used ONLY in the Green sand molding process. All of our Style "B" Inserts are made out of a tough non-stick acid resistant plastic, and are available in three different sizes, with three different depths.

Wood Cutting Tools


Adolf’s Wood Cutting Tools are specifically design to create a perfect diameter that corresponds with Styles "A" & "B" Alignment Inserts. All of our customized Wood Cutting Tools are high speed hardened steel that are intended to make the installation of Adolf’s Alignment Inserts as time efficient and effortless as possible. Use Adolf’s Wood Cutting Tools & Cope & Drag Alignment Inserts, to create a perfect match for all your alignment needs.

View video for mounting instruction.

For more information, contact Ricardo Volkmann at Adolf’s Pattern Shop, Inc.



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