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About Adolf's Pattern Shop

Mission Statement:

"Doing it Right the First Time"

Our mission is to assist foundries with simple cost effective, time efficient, waste reducing solutions that help minimalize a foundry’s bottom line and reduce a negative imprint on the environment.


In a competitive global market it is essential to have cost effective strategies to produce quality casting, reduce cost in production, and stay under budget. We at Adolf’s Pattern Shop are here to assist you to find solutions that will serve your foundry’s needs.

Adolf’s Pattern Shop provides German engineering, design, and craftsmanship with over 62 years experience in problem solving for the foundry industry. As a Pattern Maker, Adolf has perfected solutions to eliminate alignment problems; filtering and pouring solutions to produce high quality castings; and testing systems to support A.F.S. metallurgy guidelines. 

LOGO: DURATECHIn search for an optimal wear resistant plastic to enhance his tooling, Adolf encountered a poly-urethane plastic designed for the space industry "DuraTech.” DuraTech characteristics are extremely more wear resistant than steel, and can be machined, molded, or glued to any clean surface. DuraTech the tooling material for the future and a dream come true for high production tooling.


PHOTOIn 1949, Adolf started his apprenticeship program as a pattern maker in Berlin, Germany. Trained by German craftsmen, Adolf excelled as an apprentice and completed his four year apprenticeship within three years, graduating at the top of his class. Currently he has over 62 years of pattern making and problem solving experience in the foundry industry.

Adolf immigrated to Toronto, Canada in 1959. Finding North America to be a land of opportunity, Adolf search for work within his trade as a journeyman pattern maker, which gave him the opportunity to travel West to British Columbia, Seattle, and eventually Portland, Oregon.

In 1961, Adolf obtained work as a patternmaker in Portland, Oregon. A year later he met his wife to be, a young accountant, Leonor Larios, from San Pedro Sula, Honduras. They married in 1962 and had three children throughout the course of six years. By 1969, Adolf and Leonor Volkmann decided to go independent and start their own pattern making business. Two years later, they purchased their first building at the current location of 425 NE 80th Ave Portland, Oregon. At his new location, Adolf has developed over 91 products to service the needs of foundries and pattern shops within todays’ global market.

PHOTO: Adolf's

Cope & Drag Alignment Inserts: Where it all began

PHOTO: Cope & DragIn 1982, Adolf developed his first alignment insert. He recalls, the simplistic idea of having two inter-connecting conical diameters creating impressions within the Cope & Drag halves. Utilizing this innovated idea he manufactured tooling to create the Cope & PHOTO: AdolfDrag Alignment Inserts, which create a perfect line system for multiple tooling processes. Such as, cope and drag match plate, match boards and molding boxes for no bake, greensand and automated molding processes.

Today, Adolf’s Pattern Shop, Inc. is still a family owned and operated small business, with over 103 products to support pattern makers and foundries in national and international markets. Our products are built with the highest integrity and designed to “Doing it right the first time.”


Adolf's products are proudly "Made in the U.S.A" and manufactured locally to support small family owned and operated businesses.



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